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Durable - Fine Furniture Quality Finishes

All Finishes used by Chalifoux Architectural Woodworking assure that the attributes of any finish chosen should provide high solids, resistance to water and whitening, low yellowing effect over time, and good scratch resistance.


Italian Urethane Finish - Chalifoux uses only the finest Premium finishes to provide strength, durability, and EPA compliance for low VOC's. Using finishes that range from mirror-like high gloss to dead flat matte finishes, Chalifoux assures that you will find these finishes to be highly resistant to chemicals and wear. Testing by the manufacturer shows that water, coffee, tea, ketchup, lemon juice, vinegar, grape juice, olive oil, ethanol/water have no effect over a 24 hour period. These Italian polyurethane finishes are world renowned for giving a truly top quality finish with proper application. Pride in the finished product means that Chalifoux Architectural Woodworking brings only the best finish to your custom designed product.

Durable Premium Finish used on Fine Furniture

Paints - One of the hardest finish paints available is an synthetic alkyd/urea paint. Typically these are available as spray paints. Working with spray products demands a high level of skill. The importance of wood preparation, curing of the finish, and use of the best paint for the type of finish chosen is a hallmark of the Chalifoux experience. Whether you choose a smooth or distressed finish, you can count on Chalifoux to provide the best finish paint using proper application and curing techniques with each paint type and color.

Painted Finishes - Strong and DurableDark Finishes that lastLight Painted Finishes that are durable and easy to keep clean

Oils, waxes, and other renewable finishes require regular maintenance and do not provide either the strength, durability, or chemical resistance of the finishes chosen by Chalifoux for your fine custom cabinetry. Feel free to ask questions and discuss the finishes offered to assure you have the very best finish for your custom project.


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