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An "environmental factory" - is used to describe how people in a modern age work to establish new relationships between man and the environment. One of the ways that this is accomplished is to plant a gigantic energy forest with its main production focus being to provide environmental preservation and improvement on a gigantic scale in an economically sustainable manner. Trees absorb greenhouse gases during growth while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere and storing carbon as wood fibre - trees actually clean the air. This is one of the reasons that Eco-Friendly Timber plantations are critical in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

It is a fact that timber products require low energy inputs to produce, transport, and use throughout your home. By growing and harvesting timber from eco-friendly plantations, we are assured that timber use will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions which is a consideration when choosing an environmentally responsible building material. Forests provide a vital part of our eco-system which is why we consider this an important consideration in our use of specialty woods for our fine custom cabinetry.

Even if individual trees are continually harvested and replanted, the certified eco-plantations are a vital factor in our future. Many of the woods used by Chalifoux Architectural Woodworking are grown and harvested from these certified plantations. The actual certification process provides an effective way for timber plantations to demonstrate their responsible production and sustainability to the community and highlight the sound environmental credentials of plantation timber.






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